Why We’re Better to Work With Than a Big Firm

At Content Garden, Inc., we believe in a small, focused approach. We are a small band of individuals who are passionate about digital marketing, UX, and writing. That’s why we decided to form a firm that would be different than other agencies:

  • We believe in setting realistic goals with clients and helping them achieve, and surpass, those goals.
  • We know best practices, maybe even more than the other guys, but don’t charge what we could for them, because this would put us out of reach for the average organization.
  • Our business model is entirely client-focused. We want to work with you to help your organization grow, because that’s the best way to retain a client: by helping them be successful!
  • We believe in educating clients about their web presence so that they can make informed decisions.

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We just publicly launched in December of 2015 as a firm, which is why our portfolio page is still growing, but our individual members have over 20 years combined experience helping organizations from corporations to small businesses to schools to non-profits to effectively market themselves online. We’ve been busy since launch, however, mostly onboarding our individual clients into contracts with our new firm.

Below are some recent projects. We’ve got more in the works that we’re just waiting for permission to feature!